Manual of good harvesting and post-harvesting practices for mangoes

Provides recommendations and suggestions to ensure fruit quality and safety.

Manual de buenas prácticas de cosecha y post-cosecha en mango

Manual of agronomic management of Peruvian mango plantations.

It aims to contribute to the successful production of mangoes.

Manual de manejo agronómico de plantaciones del mango peruano

Table of internal coloration of the mango

It serves as an indicator of mango flesh maturity.


How can one acquire?

To acquire the Manual of Good Practices for Mango Harvesting and Post-Harvest, the Agronomic Management Manual for Peruvian Mango Plantations, and/or the Internal Mango Color Chart, please visit our office located at San Eduardo A2 Urbanization, inside the Chamber of Commerce, APEM office.

Hours of operation: 8:00 am - 06:00 pm

Calendar of the phenological cycle

It shows the cultural tasks necessary to obtain quality mangoes according to the stages of the phenological cycle.

Calendario del ciclo fenológico


Report of mango volumes exported on a weekly basis.