International Peruvian Mango Congress

Our event has been held for over 20 years and has served as a facilitator of commercial and professional networking among leading companies in the agro-export sector and mango and other fruit producers. It stands as the meeting point for all stakeholders in the international mango and fruit industry. PRODUCERS, PACKERS, EXPORTERS, IMPORTERS, AUTHORITIES, SUPPLIERS OF SERVICES AND EQUIPMENT FOR THE INDUSTRY, providing them with the opportunity to showcase the benefits of their product or service.

Decentralized mango congress in Tambogrande

The 1st Decentralized Mango Congress organized by the Peruvian Association of Mango Producers and Exporters was held with the purpose of strengthening ties with small producers and improving their capabilities. This initiative sought not only to get closer to farmers but also to provide support through training and activities aimed at improving the quality of life of farmers and their families.